Download this eBook and protect yourself against ZOOM HACKERS!

As more and more people are working from home, attackers are evil, attackers are immoral, and attackers are going to target you. 

We no longer live in a nice world. So recognize that you are going to be targeted. Do not assume that there isn’t a Zoom-bomber lurking in your meeting.

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Dr. Eric Cole is a renowned security expert with over three decades of in-the-trenches experience in IT and network security. His experience and client list are unparalleled as the go to expert for Obama, Bill Gates, McAfee and Lockheed Martin, all of which came after his 11 year experience with the CIA as an undercover international cyber agent. 

He is the author of several books and textbooks, including Advanced Persistent Threat, Hackers Beware, Hiding in Plain Sight, Network Security Bible 2nd Edition, and Insider Threat, and has presented at many major conferences.
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